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The Film Developing Cookbook

 Format: Books  Author: Bill Troop  Category: Photography  Publisher: Focal Press  Published: 2019  ISBN: 9781138204874  ISBN: 1138204870  Pages: 208  Language: English  Edition: 2nd  Download

Revised edition of: The film developing cookbook / Stephen G. Anchell, Bill Troop. c1998.


The Film Developing Cookbook, 2nd edition is an up-to-date manual for photographic film development techniques. This book concentrates on films, their characteristics, and the developers each requires for maximum control of the resulting image.

For two decades The Film Developing Cookbook has helped photographers acquire a working knowledge of photographic chemistry—what photo chemicals do and why—for black and white film developing. Now reissued in a revised and fully updated edition, this must-have manual for photographic film development techniques covers films, their characteristics, and the developers each require for maximum control of the resulting image. Readers will learn how to mix and use photographic solutions from scratch, and even how to create new ones. Includes invaluable information about films, developer ingredients, formulas, speed increasing, mixing and storing stock solutions, stop baths, fixers, washing, and chemical safety.

A must-have for analog photography enthusiasts and any photography students using the darkroom. For in-depth discussion and questions on all things film or darkroom join the Darkroom Cookbook Forum,

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