September 1st, 2023

Please read if you plan to use the darkrooms. 

We are excited to announce that the DUPA darkrooms will be reopening after the summer break! The Atrium Darkroom will open on September 11, and the House 6 Darkroom will open on September 25.

Please note that we are currently low on supplies until we receive our grant for the year, so there will be strict booking limits. All the rules and procedures can be found here.


For detailed information about booking, please visit our booking page.

Please note that the darkroom can only be booked by members, so you must sign up as a member of DUPA at trinitysocietieshub.com before you will be allowed to book a darkroom.

As a reminder, the maximum time allowed in any darkroom is three hours per day, no more than twice per week. This booking limit will be enforced until we receive our grant and can restock supplies.


Darkroom workshops will start in the next month, so if you are not familiar with the darkrooms or how to develop film and print, we recommend you attend a workshop first. The darkroom officer may allow individuals with experience to book the rooms, and may require others to attend a workshop first. This is at the discretion of the darkroom officer to ensure the proper use and care of the rooms. Any questions can be emailed to darkroom@dupa.ie.

We look forward to seeing you back in the darkrooms!