Darkrooms Closed for Summer Break

May 1st, 2023

Please read if you use the darkrooms. 

The following policies will apply to the Darkrooms outside of term starting Monday, May 8th, 2023. 

Closing the darkrooms during the summer break has been a normal practice for DUPA. The current committee has agreed that the darkrooms will close, with the last bookable day being May 19th. The plan is to reopen them at the start of next term. During the time of their closure, members and committee will not be permitted to book or use either of the darkrooms. The week of May 22nd will be used to conduct an inventory and clean the darkrooms, preparing them for summer closure. During this week, no bookings can be made.


For any bookings from now until the closure, we will enforce and uphold section 4.4 of our constitution, which states, “The maximum time allowed in any darkroom is three hours per day, no more than twice per week.” Keeping in mind the short opening hours of the buildings and the low supply of materials, this booking limit will be enforced until the closing of the rooms.


Please contact the committee with any questions. 

While the darkrooms are closed, film can be sent to John Gunn Camera Shop for development, scanning and printing. Remember to avail of the DUPA member discount when dropping off your film!


Have a good summer!