House 6 Darkroom

Our smaller darkroom is located on the top floor of House 6 and is equipt for all basic needs.


  • Meopta Opemus 6 Color 3 (Color Head)
  • Medium sink for printing 
  • Printing Trays up to 16″ x 20′
  • Easels for enlarging up to 11″ x 14″
  • RC Paper dryer 
  • Tanks and reels for film development (up to three 35mm rolls in one tank)
  • Epson V500 Photo Scanner 
  • Dell desktop for scanning (obsolete)

What you can do

  • Develop black & white film (35mm and 120). 
  • Enlarge negatives up to 6x6cm.
  • Make black & white enlargements. 
  • Scan colour and black & white negatives, and slide film in 35mm or 120 formats. 
  • Scan documents and prints up to A4. 


  • Film Developers (not always stocked; can be retrieved from Atrium)
    • Kodak HC110
    • Ilford DD-X
  • Stop
  • Fixer
  • Paper Developers
    • Ilford MG Developer


Not all chemicals are stocked regularly in House 6. Please contact with requests and stock related issues. 


Paper is not regularly stocked in House 6, however it can be retrieved from the Atrium with the assistance of the Darkroom officer. Contact for assistance. 

Requesting Other Supplies & Equipment

If you require other chemistry, supplies or equipment that is not listed here, please email the Darkroom Officer at The Darkroom Officer will be able to advise you and determine if your requested items are something the society can acquire. You can also email the Darkroom Officer with suggestions for chemistry, paper or processing equipment. 


Every year, the CSC provides DUPA with grant money based on the application we submit and the number of active members in the society. Funds are allotted to the darkroom by the Chair and Treasurer and are designated for specific expenses. If you want to request something, please reach out to the Darkroom Officer ASAP, and they will confer with the committee to decide if funds can be allotted or if a supplemental grant is needed. Requests will be considered and the committee or Darkroom Officer will reach out when there is a decision.