Exhibition Submissions

Read more about our upcoming End of Year Exhibition here. 

Submissions are OPEN!

DUPA is so excited to announce that submissions for our next exhibition are now open!


The theme is “I Can Almost Hear It”. As always, the theme is open to interpretation, so we are excited to see what images you submit! 


This theme is an invitation to explore the world of sound within photography. Are there times when you look at a photo and can instantly hear the moment you captured? Whether it be the chatter of a crowded room or the silence of morning at your childhood home, we want to see what you can hear. We encourage submissions that blur the lines between sight and sound, echoing noise within the frame. Show us that pictures speak louder than words 😉 Search the depths of your camera roll or take some new photos, all are welcome!


The exhibition will take place on Thursday the 19th of October and will be held in the Atrium on campus.


We look forward to receiving your submissions!
Love, DUPA xx

Time Left to Submit


Please look for an email from us regarding your submission in the upcoming weeks. 

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Here’s how to submit:
  • Please fill out this submission form before emailing us.
  • You can submit up to 4 images (please email these to dupa@csc.tcd.ie with the subject: I Can Almost Hear It)
  • Write your name at the beginning of the email. 
    Please write a title/description for all your images.
  • Please label your image files with the following format: LastnameFirstname_Title.
  • Files must be JPEG, PNG, or TIFF only. 300DPI.
  • The print size ratio is 2:3, so please crop your images accordingly. Photos that are not in a 2:3 ratio will be printed with white bars. 
  • They don’t have to be new; we want to showcase the photographer just as much as their work! If you have some older shots you feel are some of your best, send them our way – you can suggest how your work should be displayed.
  • We will consider all submissions.


P.S. Please follow these directions carefully. Skipping one step may result in us not receiving your submission.

Questions can be sent to exhibitions@dupa.ie.

Time Left to Submit