As a DUPA member you can get free access to our library. You can check out our library catalogue below . 

The procedure for borrowing from our library is as follows:


  1. Reserve: Email Ava on to reserve the book you want to take out.
  2. Confirm: Ava will respond whether or not the book is available; and if not, put you on the waiting list for that book.
  3. Collect: Collect at the agreed time with Ava and bring along the correct deposit and your student/staff ID card to the committee room.
  4. Return: At the agreed time and place.

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Books Nick Yapp
Books Andre Kertesz
Books Ansel Adams, James Alinder, John Szarkowski
Books Anne W. Tucker
Books Alan Trachtenberg
Books Harold Franklin, P. Kopp (Translator)
DVDs Various
Books Murray Sayle (Introduction by), Phillip Jones Griffiths
Books Roger Hicks
Books Anna Mosesson
T W Murphy
Books Edward Weston
Books Enda Cavanagh
Books Sandra Laird, Carey Chambers
Books Helen Hooker O’Malley
DVDs Adrian Maben
Books Jean Clair
Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice Jack Howard Roy Coote
Books Jack H. Coote
Books Eastman Kodak Company Staff
Books Lomography
Books Steve Fallon
Books Laura Blacklow
Books John Szarkowski
€ 0.60 € 0.60
Books Eric Renner
DVDs James Woods, James Belushi, Oliver Stone, Gerard Green
Journals John Duncan (Editor)
€ 0.02 € 0.02
Journals Nicholas Allen (Editor)
Journals John Duncan (Editor)
€ 0.02 € 0.02
Journals John Duncan (Editor)
€ 0.03 € 0.03
Journals John Duncan (Editor)
Stephen Ahern: Close to Home Stephen Ahern
The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes Books Christopher James
Books William Cheung
Books Ansel Adams
Books Bill Troop
The Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print Denise Ross
Books Peter Cox
Books Peter Holmes Sellers
Books Ansel Adams, Robert Baker
Books Gallery of Photography Ireland
Books Charlotte Cotton
Books Editors of Phaidon Press
Books Barbara Hitchcock
Books Ansel Adams
Books Ralph W. Lambrecht