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DUPA members are eligible to receive the bulk order discount rate on prints, regardless of the quantity ordered.

This means you will pay the same rate per print as you would if you were ordering 100 prints or more, even if you are ordering less.*

6″x4″ / APS-C / 6”x4.5” / 4”x4” / 5”x3.5” / 7″x5″ / APS-H / 5”x5”STANDARDSAME DAYEXPRESS
100+ rate€0.30€0.35€0.45
9″x6″ / 8″x6″ / 6″x6″ / APS-P
100+ rate€0.65€0.75€1.00
10″x8″ / 8”x8”
100+ rate€1.75€2.00€2.25
12”x10” / 12″x8″ / A4
100+ rate€2.75€3.00€3.25
12″x18″ / 12″x16″ / 12″x12″ / A3
100+ rate€6.00€7.00€8.00

Prints from: 35mm film, APS film, CD, DVD, CF Card, SD Card, USB, Email, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Android or iOS devices.
File formats (RGB): BMP, JPEG/JPG, TIFF.


  • Prints are produced on Glossy paper as standard, Matt finish available on request at no extra charge.
  • Colour or B&W pictures can be printed as true B&W or Sepia-toned photographs on request.
  • Index sheet(s) are priced as 6″x4″ prints.

*Prices subject to change without notice. Updated 01.09.20223.

All pricing for developing and printing from Conns Cameras can be found here.