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Bellini HC110 B&W Film Developer 500ml



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Bellini Foto has been operating in the field of photo chemistry since 1988. They want to preserve and pass on the precious experience of the analog world. Bellini is one of the only photo chemical companies that can say exclusively “Made in Italy”.

High-concentration developer formulated for Black & White film processing with durability over time. Very fine-grain, contrast balance and high sensitivity. Available in 500 mL bottle of concentrate to dilute 1 + 31 to make 16 liters of ready-to-use developer (dilution “B”).

Wear gloves and use safety goggles; keep out of reach of children.

  • Yields 50-60 rolls of 35mm 36 exp. film with 500ml concentrate



Bellini HC110 B&W Film Developer 500ml


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