dubblefilm GLITCH 200 ISO Film (35mm x 36 exp.)



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With their belief that if you shoot a film, you expect something different, dubblefilm have turned the concept of working towards fine grain on its head.
GLITCH is closer to a VHS machine with bad tracking than a typical B&W film, and the effect is even cooler when you animate your frames!
Glitch is designed to imitate the TV glitch and VHS tracking effects that were common in the era of analogue television.  With Glitch, photographers can now capture the same visual distortion and static seen on old VHS tapes and television sets. The effect is a unique look that is sure to be popular with photographers and videographers who like to experiment with something different.
Glitch has a fun-to-animate character, giving shooters many creative possibilities, especially fans of 90’s lo-fi effects.
GLITCH is a 200 ISO film.

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