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Svema Foto 400 ISO 400 Film (35mm x 36 exp.)



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The Svema Factory in Shostka, Ukraine, was founded in 1931. They produced various photographic films and plates for over six decades and ceased operations in the 1990s. Astrum Ltd., known for its aerial film products, now carries on Svema’s legacy in Shostka – by releasing new films using some of the old Svema machinery.

Svema Foto 400 is a panchromatic, high-resolution, negative film coated onto a transparent 0.10mm polyester base. Foto 400 has a protection layer on top of its emulsion to prevent scratching. The spectral sensitivity of Foto 400 is expanded into the near-infrared range of the energy spectrum. Its spectral sensitivity is up to 750nm. Due to its very fine grain, explicit detail rendering, and ability to be processed at low contrast, this film produces very low noise when scanned.

The film should be stored in the dark and handled in subdued light. Due to this film’s unique characteristics and being loaded in re-useable cassettes, it is important to keep the film out of the light as much as possible for best results.


  • Traditional black-and-white film
  • Polyester base, better for scanning
  • Near-infrared
  • Non-DX coded
  • Made in Ukraine

This film was previously known as Astrum.

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