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Candido 800 Colour 800 ISO Film (35mm x 36 exp.)



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Experience the magic of Candido’s ISO800 Color Film, specially designed to excel in low-light conditions and fast-paced environments. Whether you’re shooting under the stars, in dimly-lit rooms, or capturing action-packed scenes, this high-speed film delivers exceptional results.

Preserve the beauty of bright sunsets, early sunrises, and captivating ocean shots with stunning colors and excellent contrast. Say goodbye to blurry images and hello to sharp, detailed photographs even in the most challenging lighting situations.

Unleash your creativity and capture the essence of special moments with Candido’s ISO800 Color Film. Its slightly higher ISO allows you to embrace late-night walks, moonlit waters, and cherish moments with your loved ones effortlessly.

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor photographer, this film is the perfect choice to achieve that desired grainy, vintage look without compromising on image quality or sacrificing precious details.

Join the film photography trend that’s taking the world by storm! Elevate your social media profiles with authentic, vibrant, and charming film photographs that scream summer vibes.

It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use and gives you the right grainy look you picked up a film camera for, all without losing any quality or distorting the details of the moment you captured.

Embrace versatility with Candido’s ISO800 Color Film – it’s tailored for difficult low-light situations and adapts seamlessly to various shooting scenarios, giving you endless possibilities to express your artistic vision.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to elevate your photography game! Say goodbye to mediocre images and step into the world of ISO800 brilliance with Candido’s color film.


    • ISO 800
    • 36 Exposures
    • C-41 Process
    • DX Coded
    • Steel Canisters
    • UPC on Box

**Actual colors of box may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colours differently and everyone can see these colours differently. We try extremely hard to ensure our photos are as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. The film inside remains unchanged

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