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Kodak Aerocolor IV Negative Film 2460 ISO 125 Film (35mm x 36 exp.)



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Other repackaging/brandings of this Kodak film include Flic Film Elektra 100, Film Washi X, SantaColor 100, FPP COLOR 125, Reflx Lab Pro 100, and SvemaColor 125.

KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460 is a medium-speed, very fine-grain colour negative aerial film. This film has a wide exposure latitude and is specifically designed for processing to a colour negative only. Since this film does not have integral colour masking, direct interpretation can be made from the negative. Objects are recorded in colours complementary to their natural colours.

This multilayer, colour-negative film is balanced for daylight exposure.

The film should be stored in the dark and handled in subdued light. Due to this film’s unique characteristics and being loaded in re-useable cassettes, it is important to keep the film out of the light as much as possible for best results.

Process C41.

DX-coded for ISO 100 and 36 exposures (this small overexposure will do no harm to your photos!). The film will work with most cameras with automatic film advance, although we cannot guarantee correct operation in such cameras.

This film was loaded from master reels onto individual rolls. This film can be processed at any lab that offers regular C-41 colour development. Please allow a tolerance of +/- 2 frames per roll due to manual loading.

Bear in mind that this is an experimental product and is subject to any sort of imperfections (i.e. scratching); hence, no guarantee can be given regarding the quality of the roll. We do our best to keep the reloading process as safe as possible for film, but there is always room for imperfections. The film has been packed into recycled canisters. Please do not remove the sticker(s) to avoid misunderstandings at the lab of your choosing; the film will work with most of the cameras with automatic film advance, although we cannot guarantee correct operation in such cameras. 


*Please note: The box image displayed is a digital mockup for illustrative purposes only. The film is sold without physical packaging to ensure a more sustainable and cost-effective product for our customers.

KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460


Technical Data Sheet

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