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Michaelmas Term 2022 — Week 12

6 Opportunities to Show Off Your Masterpieces

Do you have work you are dying to show off? Look no further. Photo Submissions are a great way to gain recognition, skills, and confidence in the field. Listed are some competitions and magazines that are looking for your pieces. Note that the first three submissions have fast approaching deadlines, so make sure to submit as soon as possible to maximize your chances of being considered. 

Written for DUPA by Frøya Mostue-Thomas

1. Lens Culture Art Photography Awards 2023

Deadline: 14th of December 2022

Suitable for: Photographers over the age of 18

Description: LensCulture is a Netherland-based photography magazine, aiming to celebrate all types of photography styles ranging from fine art to visual storytelling.

Entry Fee: You can submit one photo for free (so you really have nothing to lose), and then each additional photo is $10.

Award: Winners will be exhibited at the Somerset House in London throughout Photo London. There are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

2. The Sony World Photography Award

Deadline: 30th November 2022

Suitable for: There are four separate competitions, one directed particularly at students.

Theme: “In a Changing World”

Description: The SWPA is regarded as one of the most prestigious photography competitions. Their categories for submissions include Architecture, Creative, Motion, Landscape and Portraiture to name a few.

Entry Fee: Free

Award: Sony Gear 

Winner of the 2017’s Sonly World Photography Award

3. Fine Art Photography Awards

Deadline: 12th of February 2023

Suitable for: Amateurs and professionals over the age of 18

Theme: “In a Changing World”

Description: The Fine Art Photography Awards describes itself as a “melting pot for people where passion, interest, sense of beauty and openness to diversity collide…”. If you have a piece that touch on one of the themes, submit!

Entry Fee: $20 for single image submission (a bit of a hefty amount I know).

Award: $2000

By Previous Grand Prize Winner, Kriss Munsya (The Eraser Series)

4. SYN

Deadline: No specific deadline

Genre: Fashion, Portrait, Art Photography 

Description: SYN is an Icelandic Magazine founded in 2010 and describes itself as an independent visual publication. They operate exclusively online, though they have worked in print previously. 

Entry Fee: Free

Where to submit: Material can be sent directly to their email: It may take some time for them to get back to you, but if they don’t, do not fret. You can always send in material again.

Photo by Stewart Bryden, showcased in SYN

5. Noice

Deadline: No specific deadline

Genre: Minimalism, street photography and fine art 

Description: As stated on their website: “Noice is a photography publication and community for photographers that have a meticulous eye for form, beauty, symmetry, novelty and humor.” 

Entry Fee: Free

Ernesto Sumarkho “‘Biophilia”

6. F-Stop

Deadline: No specific deadline

Suitable for: Amateurs and professionals over the age of 18

Genre: Contemporary

Description: The concept magazine F-stop features contemporary photography from both emerging and established photographers worldwide. 

Entry Fee: Free

     By Featured Artist in F-Stop Marna Clarke. From her series, Time As We Know It 

Now you know exactly what to do, so you really have nothing to lose. Your beautiful work deserves to be seen and appreciated, and submissions are a perfect way to make this happen. Remember that potential rejection is not a reflection of the value of your art. Let’s not forget that rejection is an integral aspect of what makes the struggling-artist aesthetic so appealing. So when you fail, you simply submit again, and then again, and potentially again. Sometimes editors or judges are looking for something specific, and it’s difficult to predict. It’s always a good idea to look at previous winners or accepted photos, to know what vibe they usually go for. Regardless, choose to believe in the integrity and originality of your own work.

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